”I’m mad because, look at all this potential inside of you and you’ve been wasting it.”
-Regina Mills



WAIT……I just had a thought. Regina should have died. That was the point no one could survive this…however it was her using magic and Emma passing through the magic barrier…..true love has the power to transcend realms yadda yadda yadda….does it not just look like in this gif Regina has realized something?
Am I the only one who has had this random thought…should I stop drinking the kool-aid lol

please never stop drinking the kool-aid

Regina looking at Emma.
More like, something I didn’t notice before and make me want to curl up in a ball on the floor.

Sakura’s costumes - 1/3

She’s important, isn’t she? This mother.

Can you recommend me beautiful fanvids? What are your favorites?

My favorites fanvids are which include dialogues like this or this :) 

I’m interesting in any of my fandoms or ships or favorite character, really. You can see them here and here but I will tag some of them.

Thank you :D