Season 3:

1. Bass and Jo Friday? Um.. Are they even still alive?

2. Paddy and Constance? Have them in the hospital for first two episodes, never mention again. Must be dead.

3. Maura’s leg? Have Jane cut it open in the fucking wilderness with gorilla glass, then have Maura walking the next episode. I mean… I knew Maura was damn near perfect, but her blood must have some strong magical power or some shit. There’s not even a scratch.

4. Jane admits she’s in love with Casey after a few skype dates? Bring him in for two episodes and then never mention him again. I assume he’s dead, too.

5. Have Maura grab creepy zombie boner? Make him her one night stand and crime parter and never mention again. Well, until 6 or 7 episodes later as a killer, that is. Nbd.

6. Jane hates pink? Make sure she wears pink shirts and have creepy Agent Dean McManboobs bring her pink flowers. I’m sure that’ll win her over.

7. Have Hope yell at Maura and leaves her as a big mess of tears? Don’t mention her for an episode or two. I’ve just assumed Jane has killed Hope and Cailin for making Maura feel bad. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

8.  Frost gets nauseous when he sees dead bodies? Have him eat pancakes at the weird doll crime scene and then make him pass out a couple of episodes later. No one will ever notice, I’m sure.

9. Maura can’t lie? Make sure she lies to the IA guys about why Jane’s really at the hospital. No one will even notice that she doesn’t break into hives. Nope.

I’d gladly give up continuity for Rizzles any day, though. But there’s no continuity OR Rizzles. No me gusta! Fix itttt.

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