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I don’t know about you guys but i’m really pissed about the lack of Regina this season for now.

I know they will continue doing what they want anyway bc they already shown to us that they don’t listen to the negative reviews but at least we can try 

Maybe we can do a TT in twitter this sunday complaining about this like #WhereIsReginaMills or #NotEvilQueenNotParty idk


my long rant about why I don’t like Captain Swan


I think the problem is the CS shippers want desperately to see the good in Hook. There is nothing wrong with trying to see the good in someone, one of the best ships of the show is based on that very idea. The real issue is that Hook isn’t a good person unless Emma is an option. He is a great hero when she is there, but when she isn’t he the same old douche bag. Their romance could have been written so much better, but they have done his character a disservice by making him a love sick fool. They made him disrespectful of her feelings, they made him pushy. They made his love desperate and needy instead of natural. They wanted him to “never give up” but instead of having him just be there for her he became near stalker ish. 

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Operation  M o n g o o s e  it is!

Anonymous asked: Why does Hook think he is entitled to all of Emma's attention after she kissed him? It's been less than a day since the events of S3. Yet, suddenly he is accusing her of avoiding him when all she had done is try to spend time with her family. It's like he thinks he owns her after a kiss. He is also acting like he has no life or reason for existence beyond her. Those are two serious red flags of a would be toxic relationship. Does Hook even have a job or a home since he gave up his ship? No.


Even after the first CS kiss (which he asked for as a reward and thereby exuded sexism), Hook acted as though he was entitled to her. He arrogantly told her he’d win  her heart in a contest, as though she was some trophy. I kept waiting for her to pull a Jasmine: 

But alas. 

Hook needs to learn to respect Emma’s space. He needs to stop acting like an annoying, petulant child when Emma’s not paying attention to him. 







I completely disagree. Hook is beautifully written with a back story and good character development. He’s funny and brave. And he genuinely loves Emma and even little Henry.

People who don’t like Hook don’t dislike him because of him. They dislike him because the writers killed off Bae. And that’s sad. Bae dying sucked. A LOT. But to hate Hook for it is just immature.

Hook has had zero to no character development.  He went from locking Snow and Emma in an enchanted jail cell to rot, physically assaulting Belle, to suddenly being “a good guy” for absolutely no reason aside from an inexplicable feeling for Emma.  Which also had no lead-up.

He hasn’t known Emma long enough to really love her and considering he’s spent most of his life on a revenge quest for his former love—sorry, not buying that he’s suddenly “in love with Emma” within what, a week of knowing her?  Bullshit.  That’s rushed writing.  That’s bad writing.  And I guaranfuckingtee you, if he were played by an old, unattractive guy, Hook would not be thrust into a hastily rushed relationship with Emma nor would he be on a badly-written redemption arc.

People dislike Hook because he’s a shabbily written character, has had no resolution towards the terrible things he’s done, but is suddenly being thrust in the center light purely because he’s physically attractive and snarky and a shallow audience likes that.  .  

So going from being the asshole who locked up Snow and Emma and wanting to kill Rumple and really only being out for himself to a guy who is trying to be better (notice that he isn’t 100% just good yet because part of character development is developing) is not character development?

His back story about what went down with his brother in Neverland and the stuff with Rumple and Milah are not character development?

Character development, by definition, is “The process of creating a character’s background, physicality, appearance, and personality.” So please tell me how Hook does not have character development? Because I see a lot of it. Just because a character isn’t finished developing doesn’t mean they don’t have it.

And why is developing feelings for someone and wanting to make a change in yourself, for them, a bad thing? Love is often the thing that causes the change in people.

And no, he hasn’t known Emma very long, but that doesn’t mean he can’t feel love for her. The time span that he’s known her has been WAY longer than a week, just saying. And who are you to judge how quickly someone can fall in love? Some people don’t take much to fall in love. And whether its “love” or not, he is definitely fond of of the characters/people in Storybrooke.

I also wouldn’t say that its rushed. They may be already getting together at the end of the season 3 finale (that’s really not that rushed - rushed would’ve been her and Graham as an item), but that doesn’t mean there’s no more bumps in the road for them.Love stories that are mostly platonic save for hidden feelings all the way through and then end the moment they kiss for the first time suck. So, yeah. I’m happy they aren’t doing that.

Just because he’s fallen for someone new doesn’t mean he doesn’t still harbor feelings for Milah. Hell, those feelings might have been long gone to begin with and he didn’t realize that until he let go of his anger and need for revenge.

I’d like to point out that the love story is not the main plot of this show which usually means relationships don’t get very slow builds, Look at Snow and Charming, This is a world of fairytales. They don’t need a couple years to fall in love. That’s for shows like The Vampire Diaries where it is a love story more than anything else.

I would still love Hook even if he were older and not attractive. I like who he is. And beautifully written may be an exaggeration, but I think shabbily written is pretty harsh, given that the character is still in development.

Every time I see you post anything about OUAT, you’re saying something is horribly written. If that’s how you feel, why watch the show?

No, it’s not character development because doing a quick switch-over from being villainous for revenge’s sake to helping the good guys makes no narrative sense.  There was no leadup.  There was no reason for him to do so.  The Rumple and Milah backstory I buy—totally makes sense for a socipathic vengeance quest.  What I don’t buy is how quickly he abandoned it.

There is nothing wrong with developing feelings for someone.  But if you’re painting it as the only reason you’re becoming good and also providing no buildup for that romance aside from physical chemistry, that’s sloppy, poor writing.  It’s not been developed.  If they wanted to do a truly believable Hook and Emma romance, they should start off by giving him a decent redemption arc, actually own up to the people he’s hurt—say, BELLE for instance.  They should also provide him MORE reasons to be a redeemable character than just getting into Emma’s pants.  

It is rushed because what, two days have passed since Emma lost Neal?  And the writers are expecting me to buy that she happily foregoes her vast issues with vulnerability for a crooked pirate she barely knows?  Once again, no goddamn leadup, no development on part of the relationship.  For Emma to form a relationship with anyone, let alone a romantic relationship, it takes time.  It takes space.  You can’t just shove them together in one episode and call it a day and then call it believable writing.

Because on OUAT every relationship—even the ones that start off quickly—are given plenty of development.  Snowing started off quickly, but we got tons of development for the two of them, tons of conflict, moments and fitting characterization to back up their romance.  Same with Rumbelle.  Not so with Captain Swan—they’ve had physical attraction and that is it.  It’s bad writing and I expect better.  I stand by the criticism, it’s shabby writing, it’s rushed and sloppy, and I know A&E can do better than that.  

I also expect a better romance for the lead character than a hastily written Jack Sparrow rip-off (seriously, OUAT’s Hook is nothing like Peter Pan’s Hook, and that’s a damn shame because I could’ve gotten behind that) particularly with a character that’s physically assaulted and stalked innocent characters (Belle and Archie) as well as made inappropriate sexual remarks to multiple people.  Fuck that shit.

I don’t watch the show anymore.  But as a fanfic writer and an ardent Swanfire shipper, I still participate in the fandom.  I still discuss the nuances of the show and criticize the direction it goes in because I loved this show, it had excellent writing in the beginning, and I’m pissed that the writing has gone so sour.