I just watched a tv series and one of the main character (Woman) was in jail for a few weeks and (She’s very pretty) she was there like five minute when a girl was already flirting with her.

So this make my think in the time Emma was in prison. I’m sure now that her has lesbian experience xD

(I don’t name the series because is a big spoiler.) (No, it is not “Orange is the new black ” xD)


What Regina surely will do: not what she is told.





//nodding intensifies


I know exactly how she feels. I have been through exactly the same thing with a guy. he abandoned me and killed my heart, I was lost because of him. now he shows up again 9 years later and I cant or wont deal with him, cause he broke my heart, I trusted him but he fucked it up.. also I am gay. so I feel Swanqueen will happen. and if it does it will give me hope! hope that a broken girl can trust and love again.


Stronger together.

So endgame.


May I just take a moment to point out that Regina hates the fact that Zelena is more powerful than she is, but the fact that Emma is more powerful doesn’t bother her in the slightest. Better still, she seems to be glad that Emma is so powerful and encourages her to reach her full potential.


After everything, I don’t think Snow imaged that she would ever see her again.


How To Greet Your Enemy by Swan Queen


Regina: this isn’t drinking stale coffee at a stakeout

-10 mins into the episode later-

*Regina and Emma sat drinking coffee in MM’s apartment*